Derby County Football Club Women

Under 18’s

Under 18's Match Report

Derby vs Telford - Saturday 5.10.19 10.30 KO

Derby travel to Telford on a crisp dry morning. Telford kick off and straight away Derby are attacking.  Good passing about by Derby for Maddie to strike - hits post.

Game starts evenly and Telford looking strong.  Layla goes in for a tackle and ref blows whistle - free kick to Telford.  Telford player has shot at goal but straight at our keeper.  Telford again strong but not getting passed our defense - solid back 4.

Derby start to get composure and dominate the game with some great football from Jett to chloe to Anya - Anya strikes but keeper saves.  Telford make a break and run down the wing but Captain Abbie reading it well and does a great tackle to break the run.  Derby switch off and Telford get an opportunity to score but keeper saves.

Some great football from Derby midfield between layla, maddie, mille for Jett to have shot but saved by keeper.  Telford are soon on the run again and pass our defense looking like a chance of them scoring but keeper saved.  Great ball from Heidi to Jett but not meant to be Telford defense tight and kick ball out.

Derby very much dominating the game and confidently passing about with Millie having a strike but keeper saves.  Within minutes Chloe has a strike but keeper saves yet again.  Another strike from Millie and what a shot which keeper has to stretch and saves.Lots of opportunities from Mille, Jett and Chloe to score but not meant to be with hitting the post!  Heidi goes in for a tackle wins the ball passes to Mia who does a great cross in box with Chloe getting her head on the ball but goes over the bar.

A great ball from Alex to Chloe for Chloe to run into space but flag was put up.  Chloe reacted and got sinbinned for 10 minutes!  Our first sinbin of the season.  Some lovely control of the ball from Sacha going passed players and a lovely ball to Millie who strikes but only just misses.

Again Derby dominating game and having another chance of goal with Maddie striking but again keeper saves but gives Derby a corner.  Millie is fouled in the box giving Derby a Penalty.  Millie takes the penalty to put Derby in the lead - Derby 1 Telford 0.

Derby again having opportunities at goal with Maddie, Anya and Millie having shots at goal but keeper saves them.Whistle blows for half time Derby 1 Telford 0.

2nd half starts off withTelford starting off strong but not getting passed Derby defense.  Then Derby switch on and a brilliant run by Anna pass to Beth then onto Millie.  Millie goes passed players and shoots GOAL 2-0 Derby.  Great energy from Millie.Derby strong again with Mia putting ball in box with a strike from Anya but keeper saves.

Telford switch back on and have a run down the wing with a strike at goal but straight to our keeper.  Derby press and some brilliant passing between Maddie and Millie to pass to Anya and strike GOAL 3-0.

Telford start to up their game and looking stronger than ever however a run by Telford is soon stopped by left back Sacha.Foul on Telford giving them a free kick right on the box looking like they can score but Anna well defended sending it down the pitch.  Then a drive by Telford stopped by Sacha.  Another run by Telford but yet again Sacha well defending and not getting passed her.

Telford starting to panic and have a shot from midfield but straight to keepers hands.  Derby confidently/calmly passing the ball about at the back for it to be passed to Jett GOAL 4-0.

Derby again dominating the game with an amazing goal from distance from Chloe 5-0. Another Free kick given to Telford with 5 mins to go outside box but Derby defense solid with Alex getting the ball out of box down pitch.

Whistle blows 5-0 to Derby