Derby County Football Club Women

Under 13’s White Socks

Under 13’s White Socks Match Report

Team: Derby County FC Women (DCFCW) U13 White Socks

Match: Derby County FC Women U13 (WS) Vs Sleetmoor United U13

Match Venue: Derby Racecourse Playing Fields, DE21 6AL.

Referee: Louis Carrington

Match Day: 5 May 2021

Kick-off: 7:00 pm

FT: 7 – 1

(HT: 4 – 0)

Goal Conceded:  Penalty 62’


1       Brooke    (Goalkeeper)     

2       Rhianna 

3       Mollie        

4       Abby     POTM (Goal)  14’

5       Emmie    (Goal)  11’ & 40’

6       Tonbara  (Captain)

7       Ruby L.

12     Ruby S.

14     Billie


9       Amelie    (Goal)  23’, 30’, 37’ & 68’

11     India         

Goal Assist: Abby (11’), Tonbara (14’), Ruby L. (23’), India (30’ & 68’) & Rhianna (37’)

Match Summary: 5 May 2021

The Derby County FC Women (DCFCW) U13 White Socks Captained by Tonbara started today’s match against Sleetmoor United U13 stronger, composed, well organised and disciplined.

Billie, Ruby S., and Rhianna maintained a high defensive line, which provided a platform for the mid-fielders and Emmie to push Sleetmoor United U13 to camp within their half. The main highlight of today’s match was improved communication, sleek passes and outstanding transition play by the DCFCW U13 White Socks.

Emmie broke the deadlock during the 11th minutes of the match from a well-timed pass from Abby. Three minutes later Abby’s awesome half volley from a Tonbara’s pass made it 2 – 0 in favour of the DCFCW U13 White Socks.

Amelie made an immediate impact by scoring during the 23rd of the match courtesy a Ruby L’s assist and Amelie made it 4 – 0 to the DCFCW White Socks seven minutes later from a pass from India. The DCFCW White Socks dominated the 1st half against a very resolute Sleetmoor United U13 team.

The DCFCW Whites Socks returned for the 2nd half the way they ended the 1st half. Amelie had her first hat-trick two minutes into the 2nd half from a Rhianna’s pass. Emmie’s corner three minutes later made it 6 – 0 to the DCFCW White Socks.

The match, eventually settled down and was fairly balanced until the 62nd minutes when the DCFCW White Socks conceded a penalty, which was converted by the Sleetmoor United U13 making it 6 – 1. Despite not ending with a clean-sheet, Brooke’s display today was remarkable.

In response to conceding from a spot-kick, the DCFCW White Socks increased their tempo and Amelie scored her 4th of the match during the 68th minutes from a well-timed pass by India. Today’s match ended 7 – 1 in favour of the DCFCW White Socks.

The DCFCW U13 White Socks Girls were collectively exceptional and Abby’s outstanding Player of the Match (POTM) display today was very commendable.