Derby County Football Club Women

U20s Progress Pays Off for Ewe Rams Academy

Derby County Women’s U20s Boss Dan Dobrzycki has been delighted with the club’s opening group wins over Loughborough Students and Rise Park Ladies in the Trevor Clifton Trophy and are looking forward to hopefully cementing their place in the next stages this weekend against Notts County Women’s Development side.

The Ewe Rams second string side have continued their exciting development this term, despite the league being curtailed and sat top of their division at the time the league ended and for Dobrzycki, who doubles up as Professional Phase Lead Coach at the Academy, the hard work is paying off for his squad.

Dobrzycki said “First of all, its been great to get back out on the pitch and playing some competitive games, its never easy to have a season voided but since we started back up in late March, we’ve worked hard to get our levels up to what they were before.

“As a club, we took the decision to go two steps back a couple of seasons ago and build a structure that put the Academy and developing players at the forefront of the club. Ultimately, we want players to come through to our 1st team and re-aligning our processes has allowed us to set out a philosophy that works right through from our youngest age groups to our 1st team.

“We are seeing that progress in two phases, firstly on the pitch where we are now getting the rewards from the style we have created and secondly, the relationship both coaches and players have with Sam (Griffiths) and the first team. 

“By that, we mean that our players are regularly training with the 1st team, understanding the levels that are needed to make that next step and then adapting that to compliment our own games. For us as coaches, the driving force is always the 1st team coach and we all know the pedigree that Sam has, so having that opportunity to learn from her, can only enhance us too.”

Working under Academy Director Dave Cholerton, Dobrzycki is excited at the progress the Academy is making and that the structure that has been created at the club, allows expectations and development to be harnessed by a coaching team that knows the ethos and end goal for the club.

“I mentioned earlier that the goal of the club is to make it through to our 1st team and we’ve had the likes of Amy Sims and Kira Rai come through at different stages of our system but we want to be greedy and bring more through.

“I really enjoying working with everyone across the Academy because we have the structure that allows us to help right through the stages. We all regularly watch each others games where possible and we have constant development and questions posed by the coaches that we can all put our thoughts across on our group chats.

“It’s clear that we are all working towards the common goal, we have a brilliant philosophy that we have all very much bought into and agree with and it helps us all strive and encourage each other to get better as coaches to make our players better. I’m very much one for enjoying the game and I think we do that at the club because of the style of play we are striving towards. 

“We have a flourishing relationship with the Derby County RTC too now as well and that can only bode well for the future and I think being able to consistently produce players that can make that step up, is a big plus for us and something we are very much striving to do.”

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