Derby County Football Club Women

From the Boardroom – April

Following on from the superb feedback that we received to the first edition of Boardroom Insider last month, the clubs Operational Board once again provide insight and update in relation to the current hot topics in and around the club.

“Fixtures such as this will only benefit the clubs longer terms strength”

The big news item, not just for DCFCW but for clubs across the country was the resumption of football at the end of March following a lengthy sabbatical stretching back to 2020.Whilst it’s provided excitement and a fair degree of media attention at first team level, squads within the academy have been quick to reinstate the bars of expectation and delivery according to Academy Director, Dave Cholerton.

“Whilst our lockdown training sessions will be remembered and discussed with a reflective fondness in years to come, nothing beats training and playing for real, and it’s been fantastic to not only see the clubs various Academy squads back in action, but the initial performances that have gone with that. Early games have seen us more than compete against same age RTC squads from Leicester City, whilst our Under 20’s narrowly lost to Lincoln City’s first team at the weekend.”

“Fixtures such as this will only benefit the long term development of our players, adding further strength to the clubs overall collaborative pathway with the Derby County RTC. Amy Sims is a prime example of that working, with her cross pollination between DCFCW Academy sides and the RTC and subsequent migration into the DCFCW first team.”

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