Derby County Football Club Women

Coach Jenny Simpson

Name – Jenny Simpson

 Age –  39

 Position/Job Role – GK Coach

 Previous Clubs – N/A

Twitter Profile – @bart03


Profile Questions

Team Supported – Forest

Favourite Player – Buffon

Favourite Food – Fishfingers

Favourite Drink – Beer

Favourite Colour – Green

Favourite Band/Artist – Pink

Favourite Holiday Destination – Vegas

Where in the World would you most like to visit – Maldives

Favourite Football Ground – Bernabau

Any Pets – Jaxx (Staffy)

Star Sign – Libra

TV Heaven – Sky Sports

TV Hell – Jeremy Kyle

 Favourite Film – Avengers

Who Would You Most Like To Meet And Why – Pep Guardiola, to watch him coach

Ambition in Football – Get to WSL

3 Words Your Teammates Might Describe You – Hot headed, Alcoholic, Fun

Pick Your Favourite

Messi or Ronaldo Ronaldo

World Cup or EurosWorld Cup

Premier League or Champions League Premier League

Gary Neville or Jamie Carragher Jamie Carragher

Mourinho or Guardiola Guardiola

BT Sport or Sky Sports Sky Sports

Tea or Coffee Tea

Pepsi or Coke Coke

Chocolate or Cheese Chocolate

Mcdonalds or KFC Mcdonalds

Summer or Winter Summer

Sweet or Savoury Savoury

Nike or Adidas Nike

James Bond or Jason Bourne James Bond

Early Bird or Night Owl Early Bird

Cats or Dogs Dogs

Facebook or Twitter Twitter

Instagram or Snapchat Instagram

Love Island: Great TV or Load of Rubbish – Great TV