Derby County Football Club Women

In the Boardroom – March

“Over 200 Attendances” Cholerton’s Training Sessions Going Down A Storm

It’s not just the first team that have found the latest lockdown frustrating; however over the past three weeks teams from the academy have been enjoying 30 minute on-line training sessions under the guidance of Academy Director, Dave Cholerton.

“As a school teacher, I am fully aware of just how challenging the last few months have been for the Academy, with players not only unable to attend DCFCW training and participate in matches, but also school as well. We now have a roadmap to work to in terms of the recommencement of training and we’ll be rolling that information out very shortly; however I felt it important to engage with the players in advance of that resumption.”

According to club Social Director, Alison Cope the sessions have been well received “These started three weeks ago, and through my daughter Liv I’ve witnessed them at first hand. Dave’s done a brilliant job and it’s come as little surprise that already we’ve had over 200 attendances to them, with both other players and parents reporting back favourably on them. These will continue until we resume outdoors and I’m delighted to say that we will be joined by members of the first team from this week.”

“Interim Website Will Address Issues”

Whilst the long term objective for the clubs website is a more integrated platform with the main club in order to mirror that seen at a number of the leading Women’s clubs in the country, Media Director, Andy Moore is working hard behind the scenes to ensure that our current platform remains amongst the best within the National League.

“When I joined the club, Duncan basically set me a target of creating the best website in the National League. Whilst it was a tall ask, given the existing one that was in situ at the time, I believe that we achieved that outcome, launching and maintaining a site that was championed both internally and externally. Unfortunately as with anything of a technological nature, things rarely sit still for too long, and I’m now finding that certain apps and features no longer work as they did, and the site has been subject to an increasing number of attempted hacks.”

“With that in mind I’ve been working on what I call an ‘Interim’ website that will address these issues, once again put us at the forefront of website style and content within the National League and provide us with a platform that will be suitable until such time as we look to progress to a more integrated platform.”

Thanks for joining us this month, we’ll be back in early April with our next edition of “In the Boardroom”

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