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In the Boardroom – March

“Quite Relaxed About The Whole Thing” FA Women’s Championship Application Update

As previously reported, Derby County FC Women submitted what they believe to be a strong application bid for consideration by the FA in advance of the 27th January deadline. Supporters will know that in tandem with that the club would need to win the National League (North) or finish second if the winners either chose not to apply for a Championship licence or their application failed to meet the FA’s stringent criteria. According to club CEO, Duncan Gibb, regardless of what happens next the club is in a good place.

“On the back of the application submitted, we were due to make an on-line presentation to the FA’s application panel in mid February with a view to being advised on 10th March if the application element of our desire to secure a place in the Championship had been approved. Had that process taken place, then the club would have been able to focus its sole attention to on-field matters, knowing if either a league winner or league runner up outcome would have resulted in promotion.”

“Understandably the FA have advised clubs that the process has been put on hold until such time as decisions are made and communicated in relation to either the resumption or voiding of the league campaign.”

“Current league pacesetters, Huddersfield Town announced at the end of February that regardless of that outcome, they had not submitted an application, whilst AFC Fylde, who sit just above the us in second place confirmed that they had submitted one.”

“From our perspective, we are quite relaxed about the whole thing. If we are either asked if we wish to accept a Championship licence based on either the league campaign and application process, or on the application process alone, then we firmly believe that we are in a position to accept it. If on the other hand the season is voided and the decision is made to annul promotion to the Championship for a further season, then will concentrate our efforts on the 2021/22 National League campaign, in the comfort of knowing that a very strong application sits on the shelf for when the submission process re-commences towards the end of the year.”

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