Derby County Football Club Women

“Filled With Immense Pride” Championship Application Captures Clubs Progress

Derby County FC Women submitted their 2021/22 season FA Women’s Championship application on Thursday evening ahead of the 12 noon deadline on Friday, set by the FA.

According to Club CEO, Duncan Gibb, whilst there is an element of uncertainty as to whether the current season can be completed, which could in turn see the bid process voided for a second successive season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Clubs application is a strong one that will stand them in good stead going forwards.

“Last season was frustrating in that we were sat in second place on a good run of form going into the home straight, knowing that we’d submitted and subsequently presented a very strong application to the FA. Subsequent dialogue with them has borne that out; however on the back of five solid weeks of work involving weekends and late nights, our 2021/22 submission is without question even stronger than the last one and I was filled with immense pride as I hit the send button.”

“Despite the impact of the Covid pandemic we’ve still managed to progress the club in line with our four corner business plan, with significant steps taken in terms of our collaborative educational partner offer and our moving ever closer to becoming a formal stakeholder at Mickloever FC, at what is a very exciting time for the facility. Members of both the Clubs Operational and Governance board worked tirelessly to capture this progress, including the making of a supporting video featuring various partners and stakeholders”

“We are well aware that on the pitch we need to either win the league or finish second and hope that the club finishing above us are not yet ready for the Championship; however there is also the possibility of the season being voided once again, which would see nobody being promoted for a second successive season.

“As a club we’ve long been consistent in terms of concentrating our efforts on being the best Derby County FC Women that we can be and accepting that certain things are simply outside of our circle of control. As such if the season is concluded and our league position prevents us going up this season, then we’ll wish whoever does all the very best and we’ll go again next season.

“Likewise if the season ends up being voided, then it will be for all the right reasons and we’ll know that we have a very strong application sat on the shelf ready for next seasons process.”