Derby County Football Club Women

Ewe Rams to Retain Stats for 2019/20 Season for Club Archives

Whilst being empathetic to the Football Associations recent decision to void the 2019/20 season from levels Tier 3 downwards, the Operational Board of Directors at Derby County FC Women have unanimously voted to retain both player and match records from the season within their historical archives.

According to CEO, Duncan Gibb a number of factors added up to making it an easy decision to arrive at.

“In terms of the voiding of the season, we said at the time the that FA were to all intents and purposes in a no win situation. Whatever decision they had arrived at would have drawn both praise and criticism and only time will tell if that decision was the right one. Our guess is that the longer both lockdown and uncertainty remain in situ, the more clubs will view the decision as being the correct one.”

“On the matter of the clubs archives and records, that is a decision  that remains within our control as a club, and as the board that oversees the clubs day to day affairs, we were unanimous in our view that these should be retained. First of all there is the fact that we’d completed over two thirds of the season, with each and every one of the games that had been played meaning something at the time, as opposed to being friendlies.

“On the player side of things, our end of season awards haven’t been cancelled, they have been deferred until further notice. As such if and when they do take place, then the awards within them will need to be based on what happened during the season. That becomes pretty difficult if everything that did occur is simply erased.”

“On top of that we’ve had players make their debuts, players hit landmark appearance and goals levels, as well as players scoring significant levels of goals. As a board we were firmly of the view that these achievements shouldn’t simply be chalked off. We also gave consideration to potential situations where players left the club on the back of having joined last summer. It just didn’t feel right to say that they’d never played for the club.”

“In Nigel Wright, we are blessed to have a club statistician who’s record keeping at senior level is second to none. Nigel has been asked to retain the player records for the season within his archives, whilst the result records will also be retained in terms of the won, lost and drawn columns, albeit with the league position and records for the 19/20 season having an asterix next to them to denote that the season was voided.”