Derby County Football Club Women

Another Legend Moves On as Ledgister Departs

Derby County FC Women are saying goodbye to another club legend as midfielder Nikki Ledgister will not return for the 2020/21 season, with plans to move abroad.

The midfielder is planning to make the move to Paris in the near future and after joining from Wolverhampton Wanderers WFC and spending over 10 years at the club, Ledgister admits it was a tough decision to step away from the game and will miss being involved at the club.

Ledgister said “It’s always a difficult decision to make a huge change in your life but moving away has been something that I’ve been thinking about for a while and I’m ready to make that next step in my life and though nervous, I’m really looking forward to it.

“I’ve been at the Ewe Rams for over a decade and it’s been an amazing journey and can only hope that people remember me for giving 100% each time.

“I’ve played with many talented players over the years and been coached by some fantastic people who have all had an influence on my career and I can’t thank them enough.

“The club has come on so much in my time and it’s amazing to see what has been achieved on and off the pitch. The likes of Duncan (Gibb), Sheila (Rollinson), Andy (Moore), Dave (Cholerton) and all the others on the Board have done amazing things to move us forward.

“On the pitch, Sam (Griffiths), Bart (Jenny Simpson) and the staff team have taken the club to the next level and will soon have us in the next division above, I’m sure of that.  I know every Sunday I’ll be following the results and I’ll definitely stay in touch.

“A Huge thanks also goes to everyone else involved at every level (past and present) and all the supporters that have contributed to the success of the club. The club will always have my continued support and I hope to be able to stay involved somehow.”

Paying her own tribute to the long-serving midfielder, Ewe Rams Boss Sam Griffiths said “It’s been an absolute pleasure to firstly have played with Nikki but then coached her. I always knew she would turn out to be a legend at the club because of her character, style and commitment. Having somebody to play alongside that would not put in anything less than 100% is a joy to both play alongside and manage.

“When I took over as Manager, I knew Nikki would be one of the first names retained in my squad because she would help to set the standards I expected and there’s nothing more pleasing to have that person in your team. She did whatever was asked of her and moved around the pitch for me and hurried and battled as if it was her last match in every game.

“I’m obviously very sad that she is moving on from the club but also excited for her as a friend that she is going to be moving to a wonderful city like Paris and what a great lifestyle change for her. I’ve no doubt we will see her around from time to time and I hope she can stay involved at the club in some way.”

Echoing the thoughts of Griffiths, Ewe Rams CEO Duncan Gibb paid his own personal tribute to the long-serving midfielder. Gibb said “From the day I walked into the club, Nikki stood out for me in terms of her professionalism and standards.

“People within our club knew her value, and as such she was hugely respected and appreciated by managers and players past and present as well as the club’s supporters.

“The biggest compliment that I can pay her, is that over time I’ve developed a broad network of contacts with fellow club chairman and managers within the female game, and Nikki’s name has cropped up frequently in that time in terms of the esteem in which they held her.

“I hope she is able to return to the club periodically, as she is part of the DNA of this club.”