Derby County Football Club Women

Academy Report with Dave Cholerton…. Part 2

This week, we will be writing a 2-Part Academy Report for our Academy players to read and we ask for parents to show them the 2nd of our reports as we look towards development with the ball at our feet!

Take a read below and put a few of these practices into your daily routine!


In the Academy we have two phases of development:

Foundation 8-11
Youth Development 12-19

We have a curriculum for both phases that you can refer to on the clubs website in our Football Philosophy. For our younger players this includes: Receiving skills, Turning skills, Travelling with the ball, Aerial ability and Creating space.

If you have the space to do so, all of these skills can be worked on by ALL of our Academy players by taking part in simple practices: Trapping the ball, juggling, push-pull dribbling techniques, Cone dribbling, Ball and a wall control techniques. If someone is able to join you at home try short passing and receiving using both feet or 1v1.

For the Youth Development Players, the curriculum focuses on phases of play and the Academy approach to how we want to play football. I would like to encourage all players to read this curriculum on our website to grow an appreciation of how we want to play football.

Under 13’s in Action.

The Academy’s Football Philosophy is broken down into 3 phases of play:
In possession
Out of possession.

Football from home doesn’t just have to be about practical participation, it’s important to develop your theory and knowledge of the game. If you have access to the internet or can watch one of the games or highlight shows that are being played on TV I encourage you to take part in the following task.

As you (Foundation Players) watch the game can you identify how players:
Combine creatively and intelligently with others to create and score goals (in possession).

Have a positive attitude when possession is regained travelling quickly with and without the ball. Take every opportunity to attack, create and score goals (transition).

Enjoy winning the ball back, be difficult to beat 1v1 and look to start attacks when you get the ball (out of possession)

For Youth Development players can you identify how players: Look to receive the ball in all areas of the pitch and be prepared to stay in possession (in possession).

Dominate transition: react quickly and positively to the first individual action when both attacking and defending (transition).
Win the ball cleanly, regaining and retaining possession in the same action to start attacks (out of possession).

There is a lot to think about here and it shouldn’t all be tackled in one go. Get a good between completing school/college work, football, family time and doing some of your favourites that you are able to do at this time.

Above all, stay safe and hopefully we’ll be back to normal as soon as possible!

Dave Cholerton – Academy Director