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Academy Report with Dave Cholerton….Part 1

This week, we will be writing a 2-Part Academy Report for our Academy players to read and we ask for parents to show them this report to help with their mindset without a ball at their feet.

Take a read below and put a few of these practices into your daily routine!


As the restrictions continue in the UK’s response to reduce the rate of infection of Covid-19, players maybe asking themselves ‘how can I continue my development in the game?’

The players will be missing playing football with their teammates and friends and in my last report I spoke about how every player will be invited back to training when we have the green light from the Government to continue playing football.

The Academy’s coaches are doing a great job by staying connected with their team and setting challenges to maintain players’ engagement in the game.

In this report, I would like to support the great work of our coaches by advising our players how to continue their development.

FA 4 Corners Model

The Academy aims to develop knowledge of the holistic nature of a player. The FA’s 4 Corner Model outlines the factors that need to be considered as a young player grows and develops in the game. We have adopted the FA’s 4 Corner that focuses on 4 areas of development.


During this difficult time whilst the girls are away from school, their friends and team mates, it’s important that they look after their mental well-being. If players are feeling unhappy it’s important that they talk to their family or to us as we are here to support you.

Teamwork, communication and friendship can be some of the social benefits of joining a team and playing the game. Remain connected with your teammates and take part in any virtual social opportunities like our u12 players have taking part in Zoom Quizzes.

The Physical and Technical elements are two areas that players can work on at home. It’s important that players maintain their health related fitness including their endurance and flexibility. Take advantage of getting out of your house once a day to take part in a form of cardiovascular exercise. This could be a bike ride, jog or a quick walk.

It is also important to take part in flexibility training, not just as part of your warm up, with dynamic and static stretches, to maintain your flexibility and increase your range of movement. Muscular endurance is important for a footballers to be able to carry out actions without getting tired.

The Joe Wickes workout if a good way to improve your muscular endurance if you have access. There are other aspects of fitness that are important to a footballer such as speed, agility and power and so if you have the space to do so at home try some short sprints, change of direction runs and plyometric exercises.

Like most footballers though, I’m sure you prefer exercising with the ball at your feet and tomorrow i’ll give a few tips out, working with the ball.

In the meantime, stay safe and follow the guidelines given!

Dave Cholerton