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Academy Report with Dave Cholerton

This week we have continued to see excellent results across our sides but more than the results, the type o football we are playing has been a joy to watch. I took in 5 games this weekend and the implementation of what we are trying to achieve through our philosophy was evident throughout.

We make no apologies for the way we are trying to play and its an important ethos throughout the club. I urge you where possible to get down to a 1st team game in the near future and there you will see our philosophy in full flow.

Whilst we don’t always get the results we want at 1st team level, we play the football we do because we know that football is becoming more of a technicians game and the higher the team go, the quality of football is growing rapidly. The 1st team is a mix of brains and brawn and we have one side down to a tee and the other side is coming along very quickly.

It will only be a matter of time before we take that next step and playing the ‘Derby Way’ needs to be at the forefront of our coaches mind, from 1st team Manager Sam Griffiths, right through to our youngest age group coaches. 

This is why we need to be implementing this from Academy age and upwards because our aim is to become very self-sufficient on the field and bring through players that are going to both play for the 1st team but also take them to the next level because they have been exposed to the ethos we are working too.

Before we move onto our match reports for this week, a gentle reminder that the need to set an example is for everybody connected to the club both on and off the field, particularly during our matches, that being both players and parents. 

We will always come across decisions that don’t go our way, it probably evens itself out across the season and the be all and end all is that officials are the lifeblood of our sport. We are all human and make mistakes and we stick by our decisions even as coaches. 

Everything we do, whether on the field or on social media will be scrutinised because we are Derby County and we need to ensure that we keep that at the forefront of our minds. If you have issues arising at your games within the Academy, please contact me to discuss further.

We are hearing more cases of players having to isolate across Derbyshire so please continue to look for any symptoms of Covid19 and ensure that you take the safest approach possible to ensure everyone stays safe.

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